When you push through the gates of Quimby Farm, past the long-standing wooden stables and stone walls suggestive of its history, you feel as though you have teleported. Horses and cows are grazing peacefully, as the vineyard rows creep towards the sun. Happy animals have roamed & vines have ripened on Quimby Farm for centuries before today. In fact, the history that we know of encompasses 4 generations of the Quimby family, the farm itself being about 200 years old.

“My husband remembers fondly that, in the wintertime, when Mt. Zion Road was snow covered, that sometimes Howard, his wife Phoebe, and their four daughters would ride up and down Mt. Zion Road in a horse drawn sleigh.”

Lisa Ward

(1 & 2) Howard working on the farm (3) Shawn & Diana representing @ local Farmer’s Market (4) New Quimby Generation (5) Jake coaxing a calf (6) Shawn & Abby working on the farm (7) Karen & Mark helping out (8) Howard & his grandchildren (9) Mule-Drawn Sleigh (10) Howard & grandchildren (11) Young Howard (12) Phoebe & Howard enjoying their time together.

Quimby Family Timeline

  • 1808 Cornelius Quimby, great-grandfather of Howard Quimby, is born. He lived with his wife and son. Cornelius passed at a young age, and his wife survived him until 1900.

    1845 John C. Quimby, father of Samuel J. Quimby, is born.

  • 1887 Samuel J. Quimby is born. He married Emma Schulman and had 3 sons, Sam Jr., Howard & Paul (in age order).

  • 1911 Sam Sr. & Emmma bought a 30 acre farm that has since become Glorie Winery in Marlboro.

  • 1930 Quimby Farms is purchased by Sam & Emma!

    Sam Sr. was known for his advice on treating sick animals, and neighbors came to him for knowledge. He bought a lot of farm animals and continuously grew his farm.

    His eldest son, Sam Jr., enjoyed sports and was thankful that Howard was eager to work extra hours on the farm while he pursued his youthful passion. All of the brothers helped out on the farm, but it was Howard who enjoyed it the most.

  • Howard and Phoebe Quimby dutifully took over the farm operations while raising 3 daughters, Diana, Melissa and Karen.

  • August 16th, 2015 Howard passes away peacefully at home at age 87.

  • Presently, Quimby Farm is under the jurisdiction of Howard & Phoebe’s daughter Diana and her husband Shawn, who were also connected to each other through the farm. Shawn was an employee of Howard’s in his teens, and took a liking to not only the farm, but Diana too! The rest is history: they are now married with two daughters, and take great care of the farm.

  • The Youngest Quimby Farm Generation consists of Emily & Abigail Henry. They both help out on the farm and are planning on furthering its growth in their own unique way to continue its legacy.