Products & Services

We are currently out of beef and are wrapped up for the season until our next market in June 2022!

Grapes – Our grapes are in-season early September through early October. We grow Concord, Niagara, and DeChaunac.

Berries – Raspberries are in season early summer, Blackberries are in season mid to late Summer.

Berries and grapes are grown and tended to on the farm & are delicious raw or as an ingredient!

Jelly & Jam – We offer an assortment of delicious jellies & jams, homemade by Diana!

In Stock: Grape jelly, blackberry jelly, blackberry/peach jelly & jam, peach jelly, strawberry jelly & jam, and apple cider jelly. Flavors change seasonally depending on what we have – Other varieties may be available!

Contact Us for wholesale & market prices for these products!

(845) 236-3348

Beef – Here at Quimby Farm, we want to give people a product that they are proud to enjoy. Our beef cows are pasture-raised on our 70 acre farm. Although our operation my be small, we put a lot of love and care into raising our beef.

Miscellaneous: Short Ribs $9/lb Ground Beef $7/lb Brisket $9/lb Beef for Stew $5/lb Beef Liver $3/lb

Steaks: Ribeye $14/lb NY Strip $13/lb Sirloin $12/lb Beef Tenderloin $18/lb Hanger $12/lb

London Broils: Shoulder $8/lb Top Round $8/lb Top Sirloin $10/lb

Horse Boarding Services – We offer a unique boarding package. Along with living in our stables, your horse will be integrated into a lively environment filled with many species & companions. Horses are social herd animals, & prefer to live in groups. Allowing them to mingle with other horses will grant your pet a rich, free-range life. Our horse services are “rough board” style, meaning we provide water and shelter, and boarders provide food/hay for the winter. Contact Phoebe Quimby for more information about care & options @ (845) 236-4751.