Products & Services

CLOSED FOR THE SEASON, We’ll be back Spring 2023

You can find us every Saturday at the Heart of the Hudson Valley Farmers Market off 9W in Milton, NY, selling our jams, jellies, beef, and seasonal produce! For information on additional events and markets, follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

Grapes – Our grapes are in-season from early September through early October. We grow Concord, Niagara, and DeChaunac.

Berries – Our blackberries are available in August and can be purchased retail at our weekly markets.

Berries and grapes are grown and tended to on the farm & are delicious raw or as an ingredient!

Jellies & Jams – We offer an assortment of delicious jellies & jams, homemade by Diana. We only use fruit from our farm or other local farms.

Flavors change seasonally depending on the fruit that’s available.

Contact Us for wholesale & market prices for these products

(845) 236-3348

Beef – All of our beef has been pasture-raised from bottle to butcher on Quimby Farm. We use Malafy Meat Processing, a USDA-certified facility in Redhook, to give our customers a product that they can feel good about eating: knowing that the beef was raised with care and love.

Horse Boarding Services – We offer a unique boarding package. Along with living in our stables, your horse will be integrated into a lively environment filled with many species & companions. Horses are social herd animals, & prefer to live in groups. Allowing them to mingle with other horses will grant your pet a rich, free-range life. Our horse services are “rough board” style, meaning we provide water and shelter, and boarders provide food/hay for the winter. Contact Phoebe Quimby for more information about care & options @ (845) 236-4751.