Quimby Farm Blog

Hey There!

Thanks for stopping by Quimby Farm’s official website! You may already know us through our local presence, but we have created this domain to share our land, lifestyle and passion with the world!

Our Values

Everything at Quimby Farm is handpicked and raised with love. We honor the tradition of our family-run operation while also providing the freshest products that are grown in an honest way. Here at the farm we promote a culture of respect for animals, our environment, and each other! ☮

On this website, you can explore everything Quimby Farm-related:

  • 200+ Year History
  • Products & Pricing
  • Services & Pricing
  • Updates From the Farm
  • *Coming Soon* Fun Blog Topics!

A Peek Inside the Gates

Check back to our website for more content soon. Until then, you can catch us at the local farmer’s market every Saturday at Cluett Schantz Memorial Park from June to the first week in October!

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